Established in 1953, since the very inception of Electronics in India, Dewan Radios has this year completed 68 years in the family business of trading in Electronic Components. From the beginning, we specialized in a full range of capacitors and resistors and later adding Semiconductors. Over the years it is a “One-stop- shop for the comprehensive range of Capacitors, Resistors, MOVs, Transistors, Diodes, SMDs, LEDs, SCRs, Triacs, Voltage Regulators, Mosfets, I.Cs, I.C Sockets, Carbon pots, Trim pots, Crystals, Solder Wire, etc.”

Distributors / Auth. Stockists: Our Principal Brands

In Capacitors:

ALCON: Alum. Electrolytic; Poly-prop; DC Link; Induction-heating Capacitors.

CTR: Met Polyester, Met Poly-prop, Film-foil, Auto & Electrical Caps.

DEKI: Epoxy Plain Polyester; Met Poly, Poly-prop; Lighting/fan-reg. Capacitors

KELTRON: Ind. Grade Electrolytic Capacitors in Radial /Snap-in & Lug terminals.

PUNSUMI: Electrolytic Capacitors Ind. Grade in Snap-in/ Lug terminals.

Guj-Poly (AVX): Single & Multilayer, SMD Chips, H.V, Ceramic & Tant.Capacitors

In Resistors:

THAKOR: Precision Metal-film, Carbon-film & Metal-oxide Resistors & SMDs

STEAD: Wire-wound Resistors, Rheostats, & Toroidal Pots.

ELCON: Carbon Presets, Rotary & Sliding Carbon Pots & Rocker Switches etc.

Bright-King: Varistors (MOVs) &

Hong-Kong (HKC): X’tal Oscillators

In Semiconductors & Others:

CDIL: Transistors Epoxy & Metal-Can & in SMD, Zeners, Silicon Diodes & LEDs

Prime Power: Power Transistors & Volt. Regulators in TO-3 & TO-39 Metal-can.

Champion: Machined-Pin Sockets & Low-Profile & Board to Board connectors

LASA: Solder wire & Solder sticks in 60:40; 63:37 in 18; 20; 22 SWG.

Quality products that we stock, sell & distribute are lead-free; meet stringent quality specs & International approvals, and have stood the test of time. Our client's requirement meets quality service; same day local & outstation dispatch. Our strength is the ex-stock availability of a vast range in large moving inventory. Furthermore our client-centric approach, transparent dealings, and ethical business practices have helped us in cornering a sizable customer- base across the length and breadth of the Indian Subcontinent.

Application Industries: UPS, Invertors, SMPS, Power Supplies; Energy-meters, Switch-gears, AC/DC Drives; P.A. Amplifiers /Mixers & Audio Systems; Aviation, Railway & Communication; Satellite, DTH & amp; Telecom field; Fire surveillance & CC TVs, Metal detectors; Ballast, CFL.s. Fan- Regulators; Digital /Analogue Panel Instruments; Welding, Heating, Refrigeration & home appliances; X-ray Infrared Ultrasound & Medical equipment; Water treatment; air pollution & Solar Energy Equipment’s: Conduction- cooled & Induction heating equipment etc.